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 Clinical  Pharmacology

"…Clinical Pharmacology provides me the security and peace of mind to know I will find the exact information I seek, in clear and concise wording, and in a timely manner…Thank you for being the valuable tool that you are in supporting me to more fully and completely honor my oath of a pharmacist by providing me access to quality pharmaceutical information…"

Robert Serravo, PharmD
Inpatient Pharmacy Coordinator
Porter Adventist Hospital, Denver, CO

About Clinical Pharmacology

Used by more than 1,500 hospitals and over 35,000 retail pharmacies in the U.S., as well as government and managed care agencies, PBMs, pharmaceutical manufacturers and academic institutions, Clinical Pharmacology sets the standard for today’s referential and point-of-care drug information solutions.

Clinical Pharmacology is accepted by all 50 state Boards of Pharmacy as a compendium to fulfill the drug reference requirements for licensed pharmacies, and is officially recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a drug compendium for determining the appropriate use of drugs and biologics for cancer patients.

Proven by multiple independent research studies, Clinical Pharmacology is the most complete, easiest-to-use and most dependable drug information solution available today.


Clinical Pharmacology provides a single resource to answer all your medication questions, empowering you to maximize your time and productivity. The content is updated “live” to include newly released drug products and breaking developments.

Get concise, accurate, clinically-relevant information on all U.S. prescription drugs, plus hard-to-find coverage of herbal, nutritional and OTC products, new and investigational drugs. Clinical Pharmacology monographs are developed through a peer-reviewed process and represent an objective analysis of the most clinically-relevant drug information. The content is extensively referenced, with the majority of journal reference citations providing links to PubMed for article abstracts and/or full-text articles.


Clinical Pharmacology is your trusted ally in decision support, offering custom reports that help you evaluate and choose appropriate medications for your patients. Quickly create reports for multi-drug interactions with severity rankings (in professional and patient versions), IV compatibility based on the Trissel’s 2™ Clinical Pharmaceutics Database, drug product comparisons and more.

Drug Product Information
Clinical Pharmacology offers extensive information on drug product attributes and physical descriptors. Full color product and package images as well as product storage information are included in the detailed How Supplied section.

Patient Education and MedGuides

Our comprehensive library of MedCounselor patient education handouts complies with all national standards for Consumer Medication Information (CMI). The FDA has significantly increased the number of drug products that must be dispensed with a MedGuide, now encompassing millions of prescriptions. Clinical Pharmacology provides your solution, as it includes all publicly available MedGuides in their proper format and structure.

Drug IDentifier
Our Drug IDentifier feature is quickly accessible and simple to use - just "click and go" to be on your way to accurately identifying unknown tablets and capsules. When the appearance of a drug changes, Clinical Pharmacology is able to search the drug's new and previous appearances, making it easier for you to answer drug identification questions.

Clinical Pharmacology provides you with multiple ways to search for and find drug information. Conduct an overall site search or search by indication, adverse reaction, classification, NDC or manufacturer. Additionally, Clinical Pharmacology allows you to browse lists, such as Monographs A-Z or Investigational Monographs, for instant access to content.

Resource Center
The Resource Center in Clinical Pharmacology offers a collection of handy reference information, where you can take advantage of lab references, including pediatric ranges; pharmaceutical manufacturer/distributor contact information; links to drug class overviews; and links to add-on drug and disease information modules.


In today's world where patient treatment is becoming more complex and healthcare professionals must stay current with the rapid advancement of new therapies, it's more important than ever to have a strong drug information resource you can depend on. As healthcare professionals ourselves, we understand that it's all about balancing the need for speed with accurate and comprehensive answers. That's what Clinical Pharmacology does for you exceptionally well -- delivers a complete solution designed around you and your needs.

Maximize Time
Receive the information you need in a few clicks. No other drug information resource works as simply and efficiently as Clinical Pharmacology. We know how valuable your time is.

Increase Productivity
Having one source for all drug-related answers is key. Expand Clinical Pharmacology by integrating other relevant clinical and evidence-based tools such as ToxED, OnFormulary, FormChecker, Clinical Measures or other Elsevier solutions such as MD Consult, First Consult, or Nursing Consult.

Enhance Patient Care

Clinical Pharmacology will help you speed through tasks like researching drug data and screening for clinical problems, freeing you up to focus your time, attention and expertise on drug counseling for patients and prescribers.

Improve Outcomes

Clinical Pharmacology’s quality is ensured through real-time (“live”) content updates and a vigorous editorial process, delivering to you the most accurate, evidence-based drug information to inform your decisions and improve outcomes.


Tools and Add-on Modules

Take advantage of the ultimate integrated drug, disease and medical information solution. Build your Clinical Pharmacology subscription your way by adding these tools:

Clinical Pharmacology IV Compatibility Pro powered by Trissel’s™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database
The Clinical Pharmacology IV Pro module provides the unique, authoritative clinical pharmaceutics information from the Trissel’s™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database not found in other drug information references. With this module comes extensive information regarding drug-drug and drug-solution stability and compatibility, and expanded information for extemporaneous compounded products (e.g., oral, ophthalmic, inhalations, otics, topicals, etc) for more than 435 drugs and clinical pharmaceutics information.
Simply put, the IV Compatibility Pro module powered by Trissel’s™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database expands and deepens the benefits of the core IV compatibility content. Users can further improve decisions, enrich patient care, and increase patient safety by upgrading to Clinical Pharmacology’s IV Pro module.

Clinical Calculators from MedCalc 3000
Instantly subtract minutes of complicated calculations from your drug dosing and clinical evaluation routines. Perform complex dosing calculations in just seconds to make your job easier, speed up your daily workflow, ensure accuracy to avoid dangerous drug errors, and concentrate your valuable time on patient care.
Working with our development partner MedCalc 3000, Clinical Pharmacology offers an extensive list of calculators many of which were developed especially for Clinical Pharmacology users.

Global Drug Name Directory powered by Index Nominum
Wherever people go, their medications go with them – across the country, across the street or across the world. Drug products may be recognized by different names or have different ingredients depending on the country of origin. To ensure safety and accuracy, health professionals must have the right tools for managing international medication encounters.
Add the Global Drug Name Directory to your online Clinical Pharmacology subscription and gain the ability to conveniently search for, and retrieve, international brand and generic drug product names, country of origin, and drug manufacturer information.

FormChecker is an easy-to-use formulary management and communication system that aids in Joint Commission compliance, ensures pharmacy guidelines are followed and reduces time spent on management of formulary conversions. When integrated with Clinical Pharmacology, you can easily see if a drug is included on your organization’s formulary.

OnFormulary is a convenient database available online or integrated, that helps you identify less expensive drugs for more than 95% of insured patients based on their formularies. OnFormulary enables you to exceed your customers’ expectations for service while increasing medication compliance and improving outcomes. OnFormulary also reduces the time clinicians spend resolving formulary problems, cutting administrative costs.

Clinical Pharmacology Toolkit
This workflow integration solution is a complimentary service for our customers who access Clinical Pharmacology via IP-authentication. Enhance your subscription with the ability to integrate Clinical Pharmacology directly into any workflow application or intranet. The Toolkit allows you to create links to various sections of Clinical Pharmacology, such as a specific patient education sheet or drug monograph indications/dosage section. The Clinical Pharmacology Toolkit increases accessibility to drug information when and where you need it!

Krames Disease Information for Consumers
Access reliable patient drug and disease information from one convenient source – saving time and money for your organization while enhancing your patients’ understanding of their medical condition(s). Gold Standard/Elsevier has partnered with Krames Health and Safety Education, the leading provider of consumer health and safety information, to offer Krames Disease Information as an add-on module within the online version of Clinical Pharmacology.

Pharmacist's Letter and Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
Gold Standard/Elsevier is working with Therapeutic Research Center, publisher of Pharmacist's Letter and Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, to offer our mutual customers access to integrated drug information content and greater value. Clients that subscribe to Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacist's Letter and/or Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database are able to access any of these resources and link directly to relevant information in all three – with no additional cost or IT work.


"When purchasing our clinical software program, ease-of-use was paramount. Cliché as it is, time is money. We quickly trained the nursing staff to look up many of their own medication questions, incompatibilities, as well as print patient medication information sheets. They love it. As far as the pharmacy is concerned, the depth and breadth of information is excellent and the layout makes for quick searches…in my opinion, Clinical Pharmacology is the best on the market."

Nathaniel David Simmons, PharmD/MBA
Director of Pharmacy Services
Prexus Health, Cincinnati, OH

"…Clinical Pharmacology provides me the security and peace of mind to know I will find the exact information I seek, in clear and concise wording, and in a timely manner…Thank you for being the valuable tool that you are in supporting me to more fully and completely honor my oath of a pharmacist by providing me access to quality pharmaceutical information…"

Robert Serravo, PharmD
Inpatient Pharmacy Coordinator
Porter Adventist Hospital, Denver, CO

"I use Clinical Pharmacology every day to deliver reliable drug information to my healthcare colleagues and patients efficiently. I love the fact that it always provides answers to my questions at my fingertips, no matter where I am. Clinical Pharmacology is comprehensive, easy to use, and up to date, and because it uses the most accurate resources and literature to substantiate its findings, I trust the content."

Bernadeane B. Roth, Pharm. D, RPh
Sheridan, WY